Bữa tiệc cuối cùng của Tailgate

When it comes to football, be it college or NFL, Tailgating parties have become an American ritual. Synonymous with food, drinks and camaraderie, this classic get-together is a glorified picnic on wheels and the bigger and more elaborate they are, the better. It doesn’t take a motor-home to create an energized atmosphere, just a little creativity and a well thought out game plan.

So whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro, the following playbook will help you execute a flawless party.

Pre-Game Warm-Up
The first and most important part of planning a germany bundesliga 2 tailgate is the preparation. So consider starting with a list of all the items that you’ll need. Click here for a comprehensive list of all the items that will make your tailgate party a true s-u-c-c-e-s-s.

Team Roster
Be sure to enlist the help of any friends that will be joining you. This is not the time for a one-man-show. Remember, there’s no “I” in TEAM. After you’ve determined a list of items to be brought, as well as your menu, you can start delegating. Choose people you can rely on and who you know can complete the pass.

The Playing Field
The next important thing to consider is location. Where you end-up tailgating will contribute greatly to the overall life and vibe of the party. If you have an assigned parking space, then you are one of the lucky ones, but if you are like the other 90% of fans, you’ll probably need to stake a claim early in the day. If you can, research some locations a few days before the big game. Ideally you’ll want to be as close to the stadium as possible so that you’ll be in the midst of the excitement and buzz.

Pack everything with convenience in mind. By this, I don’t mean you have to be cheap, I just mean that by doing as much preparation in advance as possible, the easier your life will be and the more socializing you’ll be able to enjoy.

When you pack your car or truck, put all food items and smaller items in first and then the larger bulkier items like chairs, tables and grills in last, so that there is a natural evolution as you unpack and set up your area.

Team Spirit
You never know who you’ll be parking next to, so you’ll want it to be obvious which team you’re rooting for. Tailgaters, tents, plates and all other decorations should be reflective of your team colors.

Make it easy for your fellow tailgaters to find you. Start with a tent, attach a flag, hang pennants, custom banner or paper lanterns. Don’t be afraid to splurge in this area.